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Onyx Coating - Interior Coating

Onyx Coating - Interior Coating is a hybrid seal that protects the interior such as; leather, leather, plastic-based, and textile.

  • 150 ° Liquid repellent (contact angle)
  • Complete protection for leather and textiles
  • Protects for up to 1 year


Interior sealing

First nano-chemical the seal that uses an alcohol base to protect leather and textiles. Alcohols give much stronger bonds to the surface than, for example, water. Onyx Coating - Interior Coating has superhydrophobic quality and repels liquids using a contact angle of as much as 150 °. This gives the surface a shield that repels liquids and dirt. Protects for up to 1 year.


For information

Onyx Coating - Interior Coating does NOT protect against all types of liquids. Certain limitations can be expected when exposed to strong acids or bases. Red wine contains tannic acid, which is very strong and is considered among the liquids that can break the protection.


The package contains:

1 x Onyx Coating - Interior Coating (300ml)



Before using Onyx Coating - Interior Coating, INSTRUCTIONS MUST BE READ CAREFULLY!

Onyx Coating - Interior Coating

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1 Milliliter