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Prewash is the most important step in a complete cleaning. Do it carefully! No shortcuts!

Prewash will loosen and remove contaminants such as dust, loose dirt, as well as existing wax. It is very important to remove all loose dirt and grime before proceeding with mechanical washing. Especially to avoid new scratches.


Detergents for prewash can be roughly divided into two types.


  • Wax-soluble

  • Wax-safe detergents


For a thorough wash, wax-soluble detergent is used as we want to remove everything on the car's surface.


The best method of prewash is with the help of a modern, foaming cleaner with a Foam Lance (foam gun). This substance acts on the surface for a long time and does not dry out as quickly as other agents.


This means that the tool has a longer treatment time and loosens dirt better. Using a foam cannon is also a more fun way to wash your car.



Guide to prewash

  1. Carefully spray the detergent all over the car. If possible, use a high pressure washer with foam lance. Start at the bottom and work your way up and from front to back.

  2. Let the product work for as long as possible, without letting it dry on the surface.

  3. Rinse the car thoroughly with plenty of water, use a high pressure washer if possible. Start flushing from the front and bottom of the car. In this way, the remedy works as long as possible.

  4. The detergent has now most likely removed the old wax layer and other dirt and is ready for the next step, hand washing .

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