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N1 & 10H

First in the world with N1 and 10H

The combination of nanotechnology and the properties of graphene make Onyx Coating the perfect material to protect the vehicle. By combining the enormous benefits of ceramic sealing and graphene, we can now offer the Onyx Coating - Graphene Pro 10H & N1 seal.


ISO grade number N1 represents the absolute smoothest and smoothest surface measured within surface roughness. This is achieved because graphene is an excellent conductor and neutralizes surface stresses during treatment. Ceramic coatings are known for giving unique finishes, and combined they provide the opportunity to create the world's first lacquer seal with the highest classification, 10H & N1!


Mohs scale is designed to find the hardness of a mineral by measuring the scratch resistance. This scale goes from 1H (Talk) to 10H (Diamond). Ceramic coatings are built on silicon dioxide which will achieve a hardness of 7H (Quartz) and with the help of nanotechnology we can achieve 9H (Corundum). Since diamonds are made of carbon, which graphene is also made of, we are able to achieve a protection for the exterior that has a 10H gradation.



Ultrahard 10H Ceramic seal

Onyx Coating - Graphene Pro 10H & N1 provides 10 years of protection against external contaminants, scratches and UV.


The result is an exceptionally deep and glossy gloss that also has a chemical resistance (5 out of 5), 10H hardness which is the top in the market and N1 smoothness - collected in a protective layer up to 1000 nm thick.


Onyx Coating - Graphene Pro 10H & N1 is ONLY used at our certified car care centers and is not available for commercial use. For private individuals, we recommend Onyx Coating - Graphene 10H & N1 .

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