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Every Day Like Brand New!

The first N1 and 10H nano seal in the world!

Only the best is good enough


Have you bought a new car or want to take care of the one you have? Then it is important that it is well protected from our harsh Nordic climate that directly damages the exterior. If you also have small children, large children, friends who behave like children or are a child yourself, it is smart to protect the car's interior.

Preserve the car's original look and shine by applying one of the world's best coatings to all parts exposed to these elements (especially children!). See what we can offer in our online store .

If you are skilled, have time and know your way with cars, we recommend that you do the job yourself. If you do not have the time, opportunity or bother, contact one of our car care centers . Regardless, protect the car - it's expensive to don't give a fu..!


9H Ceramic coating - Unique water-repellent effect for windows

Graphene - Protects against scratches, contaminants and "water spots"

Ceramic protection - Excellent depth and gloss in the paint

10H & N1 - Greatly simplifies maintenance of rims

UV resistant properties - the color of the varnish does not fade

10 years service life with proper maintenance

The world's first 10H & N1 nano seal

With the help of world-class ceramic protection, the paint acquires water-repellent properties. In addition, the paint becomes resistant to UV (the color fades), chemicals (bird droppings) and dirt. A water-repellent surface will also prevent ice and snow from sticking, and it will be removed much easier.  

Graphene is the world's strongest material and gives the paint the ultimate protection. With extreme hardness, a barrier is created that significantly reduces the impact of scratches. Graphene also makes the paint less affected by "water spots" and has an extremely long life. 


Everyone I have contacted after treatment with Onyx is very pleased with the result of gloss and depth of color.

Our experience with the use of the product is that it requires a somewhat smaller area and work with a cheaper paint seal, but in return it gives something completely different in gloss, etc., simply premium

Per Bjerke - Møller Bil Follo

10 års garanti.png

We offer a 10 year guarantee!

When treating your vehicle with one of our certified car care centers, you get a 10-year guarantee when using our Onyx Coating Graphene series. The guarantee is ONLY valid if Maintenance instructions  is followed and the treatment is performed at one of our car care centers.

Proud member of IDA

The International Detailing Association is the leading industry association for professional retailing operators, suppliers and consultants in  industry. The association is dedicated to promoting the value of professional retailing services, recognition of professional retailers  and strengthen professionals in the industry.


First in the world with N1 and 10H

By combining nano-based silicon and the properties of graphene, the perfect material is developed to protect the exterior. By combining the enormous benefits of ceramic sealant and graphene - which is the world's strongest material - you will achieve extreme depth and gloss, superior resistance to scratches and a silky smooth finish.


Good service and high professionalism begin and end with experienced and good professionals, which is why we place so much emphasis on choosing only the best to join our team. We carry out the work efficiently, carefully and according to plan, and focus on forming lasting relationships with our customers. We also offer a number of guides for proper maintenance and for proper application.



Feel free to contact us if you have questions or other inquiries.

Thank you for your inquiry!

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