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Onyx Care - Gloss Enhancer

Onyx Care - Gloss Enhancer is fast  and easy spray-on and wipe-off that refreshes  lacquer color.


  • Professional carnauba wax formula
  • Incredible shine
  • Easy on, easy  of
  • Long-lasting effect - up to 1 month


Gloss enhancer and refresher

Onyx Care - Gloss Enhancer is a fast  and easy application and drying product  which restores varnish color and leaves  "wet-look". Our gloss enhancer  also recommended as a retailing product to refresh and protect  the painted surfaces of the vehicle.  Onyx Care - Gloss Enhancer creates an incredibly high-gloss surface and  freshens up  painted the finish on  the vehicle.  It restores and maintains the original  the finish and shine that new cars often have. Our Onyx Care - Gloss Enhancer is easy to apply and use.  Just spray  on and dry  of then you will experience a deeper and richer  lacquer surface. That's all you  need to do, without heavy rubbing  or laborious polishing.


The package contains:

1 x  Onyx Care - Gloss Enhancer (500ml)



Before use  Onyx Care - Gloss EnhancerINSTRUCTIONS MUST BE READ CAREFULLY!

Onyx Care - Gloss Enhancer

SKU: 55014
1 Milliliter