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Onyx Coating - Graphene 10H & N1

The first genuine certified 10H nano-coating product with N1 smoothness level.

  • The world's first N1 nano coating
  • 10H hardness
  • Up to 10 years of life

N1 benefits

N1 smooth surfaces are affected less of weather pollution and keeps the coated surface great for long, long time. N1 surfaces have lower coefficients of friction and last longer, as well as that minimizes the need for maintenance work. Onyx Coating - Graphene 10H & N1 also has very high contact angle, up to 120 °, which increases the water repellency effect considerably.


10H benefits

10H grading gives an extreme hardness and is scratch resistant. At the same time, it provides a permanent 10H ceramic barrier, with high gloss and superb durability. The superhard coating forms a permanent covalent bond to varnish, gelcoat, metal and wheels and gives one layer thickness of more than 1000 nanometers.


The package contains:

1 x Onyx coating pad

1 x Onyx polishing cloth

1 x Onyx Coating - Graphene 10H & N1 (50ml)



The package is for the treatment of one car (segments A, B, C, D, F, X) - see explanation



Before use Onyx Coating - Graphene 10H & N1 INSTRUCTIONS MUST BE READ CAREFULLY!

Onyx Coating - Graphene 10H & N1

SKU: 55003
1 Milliliter