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Onyx Care - Waterless Wash

New advanced formula gives a scratch-free  effect. Washes and puts  to  wax protection in a single step.


  • Guaranteed  no scratches
  • No bucket, no hose
  • Wash anywhere, anytime
  • Easy to use


Wash without water

New advanced formula gives a scratch-free effect and  washes and adds  wax protection in a single step.  Anhydrous wash can be used almost  anywhere, no hose, bucket or rinse  required. Advanced technology contains  a water-stain-free formula with a high lubricity which, when used as directed, gives a mild  protection  against dirt, grime  and  riper. It cleans mildly advanced  polymer chemical seal such as ceramic seal and graphene seal. Effective on  lacquer,  gelcoat  and  clear lacquer,  as well as glass, chrome, polished metals  and plastic clothing. Ideal for those who  do not have access to hose washing. Staying at  3-4  cars (depending on size) without water.


The package contains:

1 x  Onyx Care - Waterless Wash (500ml)



Before use  Onyx Care - Waterless WashINSTRUCTIONS MUST BE READ CAREFULLY!

Onyx Care - Waterless Wash

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1 Milliliter