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Hand washing the car is a washing step where the cleaning agent is applied carefully with a washing glove. Hand washing can easily cause scratches if you are careless. The most important thing is to use a washing glove where dirt on the surface is "eaten" by the washing glove.

When using a sponge, this will only move around the dirt which in turn creates scratches on the surface. Another important step has been done in advance, namely the prewash . The prewash removes almost all dirt and grime from the surface.


When hand washing, it is important to use the right tools. Washing gloves are definitely the best for hand washing, as they have a high absorbency and superior softness.


Furthermore, dirt will accumulate inside the glove and will thus not be pushed to the surface. Use sheep hair equipment if possible, if it is not possible due to the use of, for example, strong solvent, we recommend using microfiber.


When it comes to car shampoo used in the washbasin, we have for simplicity divided them into two categories. Neutral shampoo and shampoo with wax. A neutral car shampoo will, as the name implies, be neutral against the paint. Neutral car shampoo is therefore best suited if you are going to apply paint protection after the wash, as it provides a better basis for the paint protection to stick to the paint.

Shampoo with wax is unsuitable and not recommended!

Washbasin guide


  1. Perform a thorough prewash.

  2. Mix the cleaning agent according to the manufacturer's instructions. In general, approx. 10 liters of mixed liquid to keep in a normal car. Remember to use two buckets with grit guards at the bottom.

  3. Start by washing the cleanest surfaces on the car first, such as the roof and hood. Finish with the surfaces that are most dirty.

  4. Avoid using circular motions when washing. Try to have straight movements with the washing glove. When the wash glove is dirty, clean it thoroughly in the first bucket (the rinsing bucket). Feel free to scrub it with your hands and down to the grate to get all the dirt out. Squeeze out the water and lower it into the other bucket with the detergent

  5. Do not allow the detergent to dry on the surface. If you do not have time to wash the whole car in one go, rather divide the car into different parts and rinse occasionally. Flush the entire car an extra turn.

  6. Wipe the car with a dry towel. Towel dryer is gently pulled over the car's surface.

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